1. How can Easy Job Quote help me?
    1. If you have any hesitation or concerns about selecting a contractor to do your project, we can help by doing the due diligence research for you.
    2. When you select one of our member contractors, our system provides a full, legal contract of your job, clearly stating all terms stated and agreed upon.
    3. Easy Job Quote can save you time and inconvenience with our one home appointment system.
  1. How much will my job cost?
    1. Easy Job Quote allows the market to direct pricing. We offer a blind bidding system that protects against a race to impossibly low pricing, while encouraging fair pricing.  Every member contractor knows we want them to have a successful, profitable project, but they are bidding with other contractors who also want your job.
    2. Our team has very experienced contractor/estimator to create your job description, who knows the general level a job should cost. If we see a bid that comes in too high or too low, we ask the contractor to review or further clarify their bid amount.
  1. Do I have to select one of the bids?
    1. You are under no obligation to select one of our bids. You have paid the home visit fee, and that has covered our costs.  While we want to help you with your selection, and bring a job to one of our members, there is no further obligation.
    2. When you do select a bid, we provide a contract and mutual contact information. As this is not yet a signed contract, you are still under no obligation.  As with all contracts, even after you sign, you can still cancel or amend the contract with your contractor.  Our service was to assist you with our due diligence package, and to connect you with a qualified contractor as easily as possible.
  1. Are you in (insert city) yet?
    1. Thank you for your inquiry! We are a young company proving our model in Victoria, BC, but hope to expand our franchise to your hometown soon.
    2. If you are an entrepreneur or a contractor looking to continue using your expertise in the renovation/construction market, this will be a great opportunity for you.
  1. Why should I call you if the contractors offer free estimates?
    1. If you want to contact several contractors and handle the due diligence aspect yourself, we are not for you…BUT, as in all business, there is no free. Contractors build the costs of travel and time estimating into your final cost, and in some cases you are covering the costs of the jobs they didn’t get, as well.  Easy Job Quote saves contractors this time, as well as marketing and resource expenses, thereby lowering your costs.
    2. Referral fees are a part of most businesses, and construction is no exception. The standard fee is 10-25%.  We charge 9%, clearly stated, with a goal to saving you and your contractor costs, bringing greater clarity and cost savings to this industry.
  1. Can you recommend a good contractor?
    1. We are a service business aimed directly at finding you a good contractor, but we are not a catalogue or direct referral service. Our review process and due diligence allows you to choose from our member contractors who have bid on your job.  Your review helps future clients, and Easy Job Quote, determine who is a good contractor.
    2. Good contractor means different things to different people, and different jobs. Sometimes people are looking for a quick, basic job, and sometimes a high quality, detailed job.  Some people like a contractor with strong social skills, and some want no social interaction.  Sometimes a job is underway when the family is still in residence, and cleanliness of workplace is important.  For others, they won’t be around, and it is the end result they are after.  You get to select the skill set that best suits you.
  1. What do you review?
    1. We use a five point review process covering the issues we felt most homeowners valued: Quality, cleanliness, professional behaviour, promptness, and likelihood to recommend.
    2. Easy Job Quote asks for five references when a member joins, and we interview the references directly. Once a contractor is a member, we collect our own client reviews which keeps a current, accountable profile for our future clients.
  1. Can your person start this week?
    1. Our process is a multi-step process. We can come to your home usually within a day or two, and have your tender posted, time allowing, by the following Monday.  We will hold your job open for at least one week to allow all of our qualified members to prepare their bid, closing on the Sunday night.  You are then able to select your contractor, and they can begin as soon as they are able.
    2. If timing is an issue, we will do what we can to expedite your request, but our bid time is always one week to be fair to our members.
  2. Can your contractors meet my conditions?
    1. An important part of our job posting is to present any terms and conditions you may have, such as completion dates, times of day when work can be done, non-smoking, etc. For a bid to be complete, the contractor must respond to these terms and conditions, either accepting, declining, or offering an alternative.  This will assist you in making your selection.
  1. What do I get for my home visit fee?
    1. Easy Job Quote will come to your home at a time convenient for your schedule. We do weekend and evening visits, as well as daytime visits.
    2. We provide extremely experienced personnel to review your renovation. Because we are not in the bidding to complete your job, we are in an ideal position to have a thorough conversation, and answer your questions without causing you concern or embarrassment in exploring your options.
    3. Our employees have considerable experience in estimating jobs, so know exactly what to present to our member contractors. We take measurements, photos, and any other information they will need to properly bid on your job.
    4. We prepare what we call a “job tender” to present online to our members. You will be able to review this tender prior to our posting it for consideration.  This is secure and confidential, as we only release contact information for both sides when a selection has been made.
    5. Upon selection of your contractor, a full contract is provided.
    6. Easy Job Quote has gathered all relevant information for you regarding all of our member tradespeople. We do the time costly due diligence for you.
    7. When your job is complete, we ask you to provide a review. This gives the homeowner a true voice in the market.  All of our members know this, welcome your input, knowing how powerful this is to their reputation.  We aim to celebrate the quality work being done in our communities.

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Are You a Contractor?

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We will come to your house to prepare your job for tender. We will take measurements, digital photos, and draw up plans. We will go over options with you, and help you choose the materials you want to make your job perfect. You can include any terms and conditions you want in the tender. Call Us at 250.590.8182.