Painters: A Guide to House Painting in Victoria BC


Painters: A Guide to House Painting in Victoria BC

Finding a painter in Victoria BC can be a daunting task. Open the yellow pages and you will find over forty painting contractors in Victoria, with no way to tell which ones are good and which ones will cause you headaches. A great painter will be expected to show up on time, do a good job, provide you with the information you need, clean up, warranty their work, and charge a fair price. Of course, getting all of this to happen can be a lot harder than you might expect.

As most home owners know, the recommended process to find a painter is to get a competition happening. You should contact several painting companies in Victoria, and ask them to come and assess your painting job. They should estimate the amount of materials they will need, and the time it will take to prep and paint the surface. A final price quote should be provided before any work if agreed to, along with a schedule for completion. You should be able to ask for credible references, and get accurate facts so that you know what to expect from the company in front of you.

Unfortunately it is not that simple. This process becomes difficult, stressful, and often falls apart. Every year hundreds of home owners looking for painters in Victoria abandon this process in favor of a shorter process, and often fall victim to a bad outcome as a result.

Easy Job was designed to help home owners go through the entire process without suffering any of the pain usually associated with it. By calling us to prepare your job for tender, you get to skip the sales pressure, and can trust the information we provide you. We earn our revenue regardless of who you select to complete your painting job, so we only care that you get full and complete information before you make your decision.


How to Find a Painter in Victoria BC

Finding painters in Victoria BC should not be so difficult. Easy Job was designed to help home owners complete the contractor selection process that is suggested by every industry professional, without the stress and frustration that they have been exposed to in the past.

Our goal is to make finding your painter simple, transparent, and fair.

We do this by using a simple three step process. When a home owner contacts us to help them find a painter in Victoria BC, we come to the home and prepare the job for tender. We take detailed measurements, digital pictures, and break the job down into its components, so that a painting contractor can get a good idea of exactly what needs to be done.

Once the tender is created, we publish the tender in our online marketplace, and invite qualified painters to compete for the job by submitting bids.

Once bidding is complete, the home owner is given access to each of the bids so they can do their research and make an informed decision. The home owner will have multiple bids from painting contractors in Victoria BC. Each bid will contain the bid price, the terms and conditions, and the ratings and reviews from other home owners who have had work done by the bidding contractor.

This gives the home owner the power to choose the painter that is right for them. The home owner is protected from sales pressure, and can make a stress free decision with complete information from trusted sources.


How to Compare Painting Contractors in Victoria BC

Comparing painters in Victoria BC can be difficult if you do not have a framework to draw on. Inviting painting companies to your home can be a confusing process. Estimators may end up taking control of the estimation process, and you may end up getting different information from each of them. Our goal is to ensure that you have similar information from each of the painting companies so that you can compare them easily.

An important element to consider is the terms of the contract that each painter will propose. You should understand exactly what each painter is offering before you make a selection. In the Easy Job marketplace, painters can tell you the estimated completion schedule, tell you what prep will be involved, tell you about clean up, and disposal of any waste materials.

We believe that knowing this information will help you put each price into context. A cheaper price may be due to the home owner providing prep materials, and disposing of empty cans and used brushes at the end of the job. It is important that you know exactly what you are getting when you select a painter to work on your home.


How We Rate Painters in Victoria BC

We rate painters on several different criteria, each of which home owners have told us are very important to them. We ask each home owner to rate their painter after their painting job has finished being finished, so that we can make them available to home owners looking to compare painters in Victoria BC.

Showing up on time is very important to many people. Waiting around for your painter to show up is not time well spent. We give you the ability to rate your painting contractor on a scale of 1-10, and a space to comment, so you can tell the story of why you gave the rating that you did. This is very important information to pass on to future home owners.

No one likes a pile of garbage in their front yard. Cleanliness is an important element of any job site, and one that impacts home owners. Rate you painter on their cleanliness, and tell people why you gave them that rating. It will help other home owners know what to expect if they hire the same roofer that you had hired.

Quality of work is an important element that needs to be assessed. Each contractor should have the quality of their work evaluated, and then passed on to other home owners. This rating provides a great incentive for painters in Victoria BC to do high quality work, so they can win more business in the future.

Behavior is often on of the most important facets for home owners, and yet often overlooked by painters. Rating painters based on their behavior will help to remind them of the importance of good behavior, and the impact that it can have on home owners.

Likelihood to recommend is a rating element that puts the entire painting experience into a single metric. How likely a home owner is to recommend their painting company to other home owners is a critical opinion that needs to be delivered.


What a Painter Contractor Will Do

Paint is the final coating on most surfaces in your home. In order to achieve a high quality paint finish, an experienced painter needs to perform several steps.

The first step is to choose high quality paint. Painters will often recommend high quality paint to home owners, and this is for good reason. High quality paint goes on easier, has a nicer finish, and more consistent coloring and shine. It will cover in fewer coats, last longer, and show wear better. Low quality paint will often end up costing you more in labour in the long run, and you will likely end up replacing it sooner.

Preparation is a very important step. The surface to be painted should be free of debris, dirt, and oil, and all cracks should be filled and smoothed before any painting begins. It is also advisable to use an effective primer before applying the finish coats of paint. Primer will help bond the new paint to the surface, and can increase the lifespan of your paint. Some paint brands state that they do not need primer, or that their paint acts like a primer. Your painter should be able to assess whether you need to apply a coat of primer before painting.

Preparation also involves any work required to ensure that the paint does not apply to any unwanted surfaces. Windows, doors, flooring, ceilings, and trim should be covered or taped to prevent paint from coating them. Some experienced painters can paint around these surfaces free hand, but furniture and flooring should be covered.

Applying the paint is important of course, and any painter should do a great job of this. The paint should be free of drips, covered evenly, with crisp edges.

Clean-up is one of the steps that many home owners end up completing if their painter does not do a good job. Proper clean-up should always be included in the price, as home owners should be able to expect a nicely finished paint job, ready for enjoyment once the contractor has finished.