General Contractors: A Guide to General Contractors in Victoria BC


How to Find General Contractors in Victoria BC

Until now, home owners have felt the pain of finding, comparing, negotiating, and selecting a general contractor in Victoria BC. Fortunately for home owners, there is a new way to find the perfect general contractor in Victoria BC, Easy Job Quote. Our service is designed to ease the pain many home owners experience as soon as they start the daunting task of trying to find a general contractor. 

When you need to find a general contractor in Victoria BC, you can call us, and we will come to your home to prepare the job for tender. When we tender a job, we take detailed measurements, digital pictures, and break the job down into the components that a contractor needs to put a firm price on the job. We then take this tender and publish it in our secure, online marketplace, where we invite contractors in Victoria BC to compete by placing bids. Each bid will contain the price, the terms and conditions, and the ratings and reviews from past home owners.

Each bid is anonymous, and you can use our system to review the profiles, offers, and ratings of each contractor before you select the general contractor you want to perform the work. Once you select a contractor, the identities are revealed, and a copy of the contract is given to each party.

Some of the other methods that we have seen people use are listed below. Our goal was to understand where the difficulty lies in each one of these methods, and to come up with a system that addresses these short comings, leading to happier home owners and happier contractors.

The Yellow Pages is often the first place many home owners start looking. This experience can be overwhelming. You open the page to the General Contractors Victoria BC section to take a look, and are suddenly confronted with over one hundred general contractors. Try as hard as you can, and you will not be able to tell the difference between any of them. You will not be able to tell a good one from a bad one, or whether any one general contractor will do good work or keep his promises. Most home owners quickly realize that the way to find a general contractor in Victoria BC is not in the Yellow Pages.

Trust is a very important element for most home owners when they are looking for a general contractor in Victoria BC. This is why most contractors are found by word of mouth. Home owners who are looking for a general contractor will ask their friends and family if they can recommend a contractor who has done good work on their home, and treated them fairly while it happened. The trusted referral is the typical preferred way to find a contractor, but it will only work if your friends and family have had good experiences with their past contractors.

Another way that is gaining popularity is to use the internet to search for general contractors in Victoria BC. A quick Google search will provide several pages of search results, all of them general contractors in the Victoria area. Clicking on the search results will take you directly to the contractors website, where you can find some contact information, a short description of exactly what they do, and some images of past jobs. While this is an improvement on opening up the Yellow Pages, it still does not address the true quality of the general contractor. A poor contractor with a great website may attract more home owners than a great contractor with a poor website.

How to Compare General Contractors in Victoria BC

Comparing general contractors in Victoria BC can be a difficult task. The recommended process is to ask the contractors for references, inspect the quality of work, and to research each contractor before making a selection. Finding this information can be very difficult, and is suspect to manipulation by some contractors who may wish to deceive home owners about their actual qualifications. Inspecting the quality of work may be difficult as well, as it requires one to travel to past job sites, and inspect the work with an experienced eye.

Our proposal is that you use our system to compare contractors in Victoria BC. By inviting competing bids from contractors, we give home owners access to the information that they are looking for when they compare general contractors in Victoria BC. Our ratings system is detailed below. We also provide very clear price comparison between the contractors, as well as offering detailed terms and conditions for each bidding contractor.

This system allows you to compare contractors with confidence. Good information is the grounding upon which every great decision is made, and as any home owner can tell you, selecting a general contractor without sufficient and trustworthy information is difficult and stressful.

How we Rate General Contractors in Victoria BC

Our rating system has been designed in consultation with home owners throughout Victoria. We have found that there are several key facets that they would like to understand when comparing contractors. We ask each home owner to rate their contractor once the job is complete, and we ask them to rate the contractors on several key areas.

Punctuality. Showing up on time is important to any home owner who has spent a day wondering if and when their contractor will arrive. Your time is important, and we have found that home owners really want to know if their contractor will be punctual.

Cleanliness. Everyone understands that a mess is inevitable when demolition and construction occur, but there are things contractors can do to improve the situation. No home owner wants workers to show up and litter on their property, and walking around picking up empty bottles and cigarette butts is not something anyone wants to do. We ask you to rate the cleanliness of your contractor to give a good idea to the next home owner of what to expect.

Quality of Work. This is a critical area to rate, and one that every home owner will consider when choosing their next contractor. Giving a rating from each job in this area will help home owners to compare their contractors and make a wise selection.

Behavior. Anyone with kids can tell you how much they don’t appreciate foul language, or rude behavior in their home. This is an important are to rate, and many home owners look to this as a key deciding factor when selecting their next contractor.

Likelihood to Recommend. This is an area that helps to capture the overall opinion of a home owner about their contractor. The comments for this rating will help to tell the story of what to expect from any contractor.

We have developed this rating system to help you make informed decisions, and to reward great general contractors with more business in the future.

What General Contractors in Victoria BC Do?

A general contractor is employed by the home owner to manage a home improvement job. Often the general contractor will complete much of the construction using his own company, but may need to hire in outside sub-contractors. If sub-contractors are required, the general contractor will typically manage them directly, pay for their services, and then invoice the home owner.

General contractors are expected to be capable of completing the jobs they take on, and are expected to manage the job professionally for the home owner. They should use their management skills to anticipate problems, and provide the home owner with proper information so they can make informed decisions.

A general contractor should be able to assess any job, and provide a home owner with a written detailed quote for the job. Some costs may be variable, such as finishing goods, and these may be selected at the time they are required to be installed.

Our service is designed to help the home owner find a qualified general contractor in Victoria BC, and to acquire a firm price, and settle the terms and conditions of the contract before any selection is made. Our hope is that with this process, a home owner can make a wise decision free from stress and conflict.

What do General Contractor charge in Victoria BC?

When you hire a general contractor in Victoria BC, you will find that many of them charge in different ways. Some contractors will offer a flat fee up front before any work commences, and others will offer a variable pricing method called “cost plus”.

If you were to ask the typical home owner how they want to be charged, they will often choose the fixed price method. Home owners do not have an intimate knowledge of how much things cost, and they find it stressful beginning a home improvement job without knowing how much it will actually cost by the time it is complete.

For this reason, we have asked that all contractors submit a fixed price in their bid for the job. This allows the home owner to make an accurate comparison of cost expectations from on contractor to the next. The scope of work is dictated in the tender, and so each bid price will reflect the work that needs to be done, and all of the materials that a contractor will need to acquire to complete the job.

There are some occasions where the bid price will not cover the entire cost of the home improvement project. Finishing goods, such as light fixtures, tile, and faucets can range dramatically in cost, and are difficult to select at the beginning of any job. For this reason, we may exclude specific finishing goods in any tender, to allow the home owner the flexibility to choose exactly what they want, and allow the contractor to offer a competitive price for the job. Any finishing materials that are to be excluded will be listed in detail at the beginning of any tender.

What Sub-Contractors in Victoria BC do?

Sub-contractors are often tradesmen who specialize in one specific craft, such as drywall or stucco. Some trades require years of training, and special tools to properly complete the job. Sub-contractors are hired by the general contractor, but they are actually employed by the home owner.

Some home owners may wish to hire the sub-contractors directly for their job. This means that the home owner is acting as their own general contractor, and the home owner should expect that any other contractors they may have hired will not manage the sub-contractor for them. If this is the case, then the home owner will need to negotiate, and schedule the sub-contractor to coincide with the rest of the project on their own.

While it may seem appealing to hire sub-contractors directly, some home owners can find themselves overwhelmed quickly if they start to manage too many of them. Remember, that plumber you hire may require the framing to be complete before they will do the work, and the drywall installer will not check to make sure that plumbing is finished before they cover it up. This management oversight is the responsibility of the general contractor, or the home owner if they are acting as their own general contractor.

How to Get General Contractors in Victoria BC to Compete?

Most home owners know that the best way to get a fair price for their home improvement project is to get general contractors in Victoria BC to compete for the job, by submitting competing bids. While this sounds simple enough, getting it to happen is another matter entirely.

General contractors in Victoria BC are busy, and sometimes they size up jobs before they submit a bid. This can make attracting general contractors in Victoria difficult, as they may prefer to seek our more profitable and larger jobs. Sometimes you will need to contact over ten general contractors just to get three bids.

Our system is designed to attract general contractors in Victoria BC to smaller jobs. This is because we lower the cost for a general contractor to submit a bid. Previously, a general contractor may have had to visit three or four homes before they win a bid. This means that they could spend over half a week just looking for one job! We allow the general contractors in Victoria BC to focus on what they do best, renovating and building homes. We provide them with tenders every week, and it is as easy as opening an email. This allows them to spend less time looking for jobs, and more time working on jobs.

Our goal is to drive down the cost of acquiring work, so that even smaller jobs become profitable to them. This allows general contractors to compete with a fair price, and still make a fair profit.