Finding Contractors: A Guide to Finding a Contractor in Victoria


Finding a Contractor in Victoria


There are two types of people, those that have never hired a contractor in Victoria before and are stressed out about finding one, and those that have hired a contractor in Victoria before and are stressed out about finding one.


So why is it so stressful to find a contractor in Victoria?  We all know the process that we should follow if we need to find a contractor.  We are supposed to find several contractors and invite them to compete for our job.  We ask them to submit competing bids, to research their credentials, their qualifications, and ask them for references.  We should inspect their quality of work.  We are supposed to negotiate the price they present us with.  Once all of this is done, we are supposed to review all of the information, and make the right decision, picking the contractor who will do the best job at the best price.


This is common knowledge and common sense, yet it never seems to go the way we want. Here are many of the reasons why:


Reason #1 Contractors are busy. Contractors work in their businesses every day. They have to be on the job site making sure that things go well, and the job gets completed on time and on budget, to a high standard of quality. This means that it can be difficult for a contractor to find the time to visit your home and submit a bid. Unfortunately, many contractors won’t even come to bid for smaller jobs. If you need to paint one room or replace the roof on your shed, then you will have a have a hard time getting a contractor in Victoria to come and compete for the job.


Reason #2 It takes a long time. Because contractors are busy, holding a competition for your job can take months. Contractors need to schedule the visit long in advance, and if the job has any complexity, they may require a couple of visits before a bid can be submitted. Creating the bid can take a long while as well. Some home owners have received bids four months after the initial visit! For a home owner who has finally decided to renovate your kitchen this is too long to wait before you can even begin.


Reason #3 Finding information is hard. We all know that we are supposed to find out about our contractor before we hire them, but it is not that easy. Where do we go to find objective and accurate information? Most of the information available will only highlight serious problems with contractors. What if we want to find out how punctual they are, or if they keep a clean job site?


Reason #4 Can’t trust the information provided by contractors. This is not to say that contractors can’t be trusted, but if you have one great contractor and one awful contractor, the information that they provide will be very similar. They will both tell you about their past jobs and provide you with references, and it is very difficult to tell if it is accurate.


Reason #5 It is hard to tell good work from bad. Unless you know what to look for, it can be very difficult to tell if a wall was installed properly, or if the flooring will last two years or twenty. Contractors are experts at construction, that is why we hire them. It is very difficult for a home owner to rate the quality of work of one contractor against another.


Reason#6 We avoid conflict. Like it or not, there is always some conflict during the contractor selection process. We are judging them, and challenging the information that if provided to us. We have to make an argument sometimes to ensure that we get the job done exactly how we want. We may have to ask a contractor to leave, and you will have to let the losing bidders know that they did not get the job. This can be very stressful, as no one wants to engage in conflict.


Reason #7 Home owners are busy. Who has time to wait around for a contractor to visit your home? Now who has time to wait around for five contractors to visit your home? This is a huge investment in time, and we have other things to do. Finding the right contractor is really, really important, but it still takes a long time.


For these reasons and many more, home owners abandon the recommended process; and it ends up biting them. For almost every nightmare contractor story, there is a reason why the home owner abandoned the process and didn’t do the home work required to make a wise decision.


There is a better way to find a contractor in Victoria!


Easy Job makes it easy to find a great contractor in Victoria at a great price. We understand the stress and frustration that home owners feel when they try to find a contractor in Victoria. We offer a simple service that provides you with all of the benefits of competition, while saving you time. Here’s how it works:


Step 1: Call Us! We come to your home and prepare your job for tender. We take detailed measurements and digital pictures, and make it easy for contractors to place a competitive bid for your job.


Step 2: Bidding. We publish your tendered job online in our marketplace, and contractors in Victoria compete for the job by submitting bids. Each bid contains the price, the terms and conditions of the bid, and the reviews that other home owners have provided for that contractor.


Step 3: Selection. You get to review all of the bids and select your contractor. Once you have selected, you will receive a copy of the contract, and you will have found a great contractor at a great price.


When contractors compete, you get the best possible price. Doing this yourself is time consuming and stressful. Let Easy Job get contractors in Victoria to compete for your home improvement job.