Contractor Ratings: How We Rate Contractors in Victoria


Rating Contractors in Victoria

It seems that everybody has a rating system these days.  We rate our doctors, our hotels, our restaurants, our hairdressers, our movies, and of course our contractors.  With the ability to share our experiences with the world, savvy consumers are using ratings to solve the age old problem; having to make a decision on what to buy before you experience it.

Rating contractors is much like rating anything else, except that it is very hard to find the information you are looking for, and yet it is one of the most important decisions we make as consumers.  When you hire a contractor, you are committing to pay an individual or company a large amount of money to spend a lot of time in your home, and to make important changes to your home.  There is a lot that can go wrong if you make a poor decision.

We rate contractors in Victoria so that home owners have something to base their decision on.  It is very important that home owners find out exactly what they can expect from their contractor before they make this commitment.  Take a look below to see exactly how we rate contractors in Victoria


How We Rate Contractors

Contractor ratings are very important.  The system we have come up with has been based on numerous interviews with home owners and contractors, as we wish to provide review information on contractors in Victoria that will help home owners choose a contractor who they will be happy with once the selection is made.

Punctuality is one of the areas that we rate contractors in Victoria on.  Punctuality is very important to many home owners, especially ones who have busy lives and make special accommodation to meet contractors during work hours.  No one wants to take time off work to wait around for a contractor who doesn’t show up.  Once you rate your contractor, we ask you to tell us why you gave them this rating.  Your comments are included in the review, so that other home owners in Victoria can see why you gave them the rating.

Behavior is one of the most important characteristics that a home owner wishes to know about their contractor before making a selection.  Home owners with children wish to know if the contractor swears, or shows up drunk, or leaves cigarette butts on their driveway.  We ask every home owner to rate their contractor’s behavior and tell us why you gave that rating.

Cleanliness is also rated by home owners.  How clean a contractor keeps his work site will directly affect the people living in the home.  While construction is always messy, that does not excuse standards of cleanliness, such as leaving demolition garbage in the front yard or tools in the living space.  Rate your contractor’s cleanliness and tell us why you gave them that rating.

Quality of Work is important to every job.  Some home owners are fine putting up with poor behavior if it means a high quality of work.  We ask every home owner to rate their contractor’s quality of work once the job is complete and tell us why you gave them that rating.  This will help other home owners looking to select a contractor on their own.

Likelihood to Recommend is the final rating we collect on every contractor in Victoria who becomes a member.  This is how likely the home owner is to recommend the contractor once they have had the job completed by them.  There are many elements that are important to how you rate your contractor, and this rating captures these elements that were not included in the other ratings.  Rate your contractor in Victoria and tell other home owners exactly why you gave them that rating.

Sample Review

Punctuality 9/10

“Arrived on time almost every day.  Let me know in advance when he was going to be late.”

Behavior 8/10

“Very Polite, but left their cigarette butts on my driveway every day.”

Cleanliness 5/10

“Left a pile of demolition garbage on my front lawn for 2 weeks until they finished the job.”

Quality of Work 9/10

“Very nice woodwork.  Good attention to detail.”

Likelihood to Recommend 8/10

“Did a good job overall.  Work was very nice, and I could put up with the garbage again if I needed.”


Why We Rate Contractors in Victoria This Way

We felt that it was crucial to provide detailed and rich ratings of contractors in Victoria.  Many rating sites tend to focus on summarized data points, such as an average rating, or an overall rating.  This takes away from the story of how each home owner rated their contractor.  For this reason, we do not provide a single data point upon which to compare contractors.

We encourage home owners to dive into the reviews of each contractor in Victoria, and get to know what they can expect from the contractors bidding on their home improvement job.  Actually reading the experiences of the other home owners will be the only way to get to know the contractors.  There are no perfect contractors, and it is more important that every home owner pick a contractor that they are happy with, than that they pick the absolute best one.


How to View the Ratings of Contractors in Victoria

If you want to see the most detailed and rich reviews of contractors in Victoria, then you need to use Easy Job  We get contractors in Victoria to compete for your home improvement job.  We do this with a simple three step process.

Step 1. Preparation.  A professional estimator will come to your house and prepare the job for tender.  We will discuss the job with you, take detailed measurements, digital pictures, and prepare the job for tender.

Step 2. Bidding.  Contractors in Victoria will compete for the job by submitting bids.  Each bid will contain a bid price, the terms and conditions, and we will attach the ratings each bidding contractor has received to each of their bids.

Step 3. Selection.  The home owner gets to review all of the bids, and select the contractor they want to complete the job.  All of the ratings and reviews are made available to help the home owner decide.


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